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Planet formation around a sun-like starA question of planets

Visual binding trialsAttention acts as visual glue

Eyeing the Retina NebulaEyeing the Retina Nebula

Mail-borne distribution of anthraxA mathematical study of how anthrax spreads through the mail

Singing for Life: images and music of Ugandan people

Singing for life in the shadow of AIDS

"Singing for Life: AIDS and Musical Performance in Uganda"

Free-electron laser

See how the monochromatic
X-ray machine works

See how the RIR-MALDI method works

Look around the monochromatic
X-ray prototype

Free-electron laser feature articles
>How the FEL works
>Electromagnetic spectrum
>Brain & eye surgery
>1st surgery news conference
>Monochromatic X-ray
>Protein characterization
>Student role

>Future directions

Click here to see a slidehow of photos of life among the Wari'.

Giving cannibalism a human face

Brief history of cannibalism controversies

Just how does a robotic "bug" work? Click here to find out!

See robot bug from all sides

Requires Quicktime player. Click here to download.

Robotic bugs that go the distance

Students labor in robotic bug laboratory

Have you ever wanted to see an ancient palace and its artifacts? Click here for the show!

Archeological team unearths buried Maya palace

Royal Maya palace centerpiece of novel restoration effort

Ever thought about how laughter influences how people feel about each other? Take this 16-laugh survey and see!Laughter's influence

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